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My opinion about Jaime and Cersei:

Jaime is finally back from her. He thought only of her, killed for being with her. He loves her. 

Cersei is distressed. She wanted him to be with her during this long difficult period . But he wasn’t there . She feels abandoned .

Jaime would like to make her his . She does not want , she is hurt and wants to hurt him.

Jaime and Cersei are the same person in two bodies. They love each other . They’ve been together since birth. They belong together.

Jaime knows he can’t marry her, he knows he can not be said to have children with her.

But knowing it is one thing, to hear it is another.

The conversation between Jaime and Loras: J. «You will never marry her» L. «And neither will you»

Jaime suffers for this .

Cersei loves Jaime , she is envious of Brienne and faces a discourse with her.

Then , Joffrey , their first son , died .

Jaime see her cry and suffer. And he would love her. They kiss . He is happy . She remembers how she feels . He doesn’t understand anything anymore. He wants her.

And she wants him. But she says «No here! » . She did not say « No!» , she said not in front of the corpse of our son. He takes her, she rebels. Cersei then reciprocates the kiss of Jaime.  She also wants him and surrenders in his arms. 

He says «I don’t care». He doesn’t care if they see them. He doesn’t care if they find out that they love. He doesn’t care to know that the children are his. Jaime loves Cersei and he wants everyone to know that she is his. 

So for me this is love. True and pure love.  They want to make it dirty and sick, because it is incest. I love Cersei and Jaime, as a couple. Because they love each other, and no, this is not rape. They want each other. Sex is not always like Bella & Edward. Sex is passion to the limits of violence. Jaime and Cersei do so are, we have it figured out from the first episode. 

And yes, I write / speak English very badly. But I’m Italian, and We don’t have good English teachers. (or at least not mine)

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